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Why Peak?x

Simply put, your vision is our vision. If we build a home you can be proud of, then that’s something we can be proud of.

Founded in 2007, Peak Builders has earned a reputation around Charlottesville, Albemarle County and the surrounding area for providing a superior level of craftsmanship and unmatched attention to detail. Owner Matthew Gruber will be a hands-on presence throughout your entire project, offering steadfast guidance and a level of expertise you can have confidence in. Unlike most builders, Matt ensures his wholehearted commitment to your project, making himself fully available to you every step of the way. Your complete satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Our Processx

We pride ourselves in being a truly custom builder, because we understand that sometimes “standard” just doesn’t work. With Peak Builders, there are no specs to force-fit; no list of upgrades to choose from. Instead, every detail is left completely up to you. The process is both simple and collaborative. All we need to get started is a signed agreement, a budget and a wish list.
The fun begins with a handshake and a blank sheet of paper, and it ends with you in your new home – just as you’ve always imagined it. We maintain flexibility throughout the entire building process to allow for changes, because we know that a lot happens between blueprints and final construction.


Whether you have Pinterest boards for every room or an old folder full of magazine clippings, we welcome it all. We immerse ourselves completely in new design projects, working to get a full understanding of your design aesthetic, your budget and your wish list. As a true design/build firm, we have the experience and resources to bring your vision to reality. We’ve designed about 98% of the homes we’ve built, driving every step of the process from zero to completion. Our team is both talented and meticulous, and you can trust us to stay in tune with your goals along the way.


Building a custom home requires precision, dedication, and a tremendous amount of planning. From vetting land purchases and specifying construction products to hiring and managing trades and contractors, Peak works hard on the front end to keep each project running smoothly. We do our best to anticipate challenges before they occur, giving our clients a heads-up when we see a red flag, or when a cost is higher than it should be. And we like to have a solution in mind before we even pick up the phone to call you. When we’re building your custom home, our goal is to get exactly what you want at a price you feel good about.


Count on Peak to choose top-level materials in every phase of your home. Basics like 2×6 walls for superior strength and insulation and solid-core interior doors for that reassuring “thud” on close are always included – because that’s what we would use in our own homes. Same goes for materials that aren’t so basic, like real hardwood floors that we finish onsite to ensure a consistent smoothness throughout the home. Even multiple paint colors are something we expect from the start. So it’s plain to see that our standards are very high. But with Peak Builders, you’ll quickly find that there’s nothing standard at all about our custom homes.

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